A web service that will be useful while observing, collecting, arranging, writing, publishing, etc.


Ancoaarmade will be partly monetized web service, which will serve its users in the following needs (among others): writing down and collecting your observations, self-learning, arranging information, publishing information, thought organization, fetching data from multiple external services to central dashboard-like panes (multiple "perspectives") and creating new documents containing (selectively) what has been collected.

In the limited demo -version many choosable perspectives aren’t available, external data/information sources can not be choosen and neither can external image storages be used. Also, there aren’t any publishing related views available – just those related to writing and previewing. More information is available in the Info-dialog of the demo application. Rest of the description here applies to the actual, non-limited version of the Ancoaarmade.

What can be collected/generated/created and what can be put into the writings are called 'particulars'. They reside in something that are called 'things' and which themselves are contained in catalogs. Following diagrams illustrate the service as a concept, things/particulars slightly more detailed, certain inputs and outputs and the special features (all from selected states of development, click to enlarge).

Screenshots and videos

Following screenshots (selectively, from the user interface, updated 20.2.2013) present the service in certain states of the development:

When the service will become publicly available (shouldn't take too long), it can be used with different kind of devices, which might not be limited to typical mobile devices, desktop computers and laptops. Ancoaarmade is suppose to become versatile and business economics wise service. Latest video demo tend to present earlier version of the service than the screenshots above (video also available here).

Get notified, when it is ready

If you want to be notified, when the service has actually reached the state, when you can register to it and start using it, you can choose to join the one-way electronic announcement list by giving your email address below. You will automatically get removed from the list, if there is nothing interesting to announce inside a time range of a year or so.

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Developer can be contacted (by email: smarko at hoito dot org) for any purpose that you truely believe we both might think is sensible enough.